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    DECAF – 500g GROUND

    Gently decaffeinated, this blend of premium Arabica beans and a touch of Robusta beans offers a well-balanced, soft flavours and a very velvet crema. BB 02/22

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    Bio Fairtrade 1KG BEANS

    An organic fairtrade certified coffee, comprised of 100% organic Arabica beans carefully selected from highland farms in Honduras and Peru. All the red coffee cherries are carefully handpicked and sun-dried naturally, thus ensuring that only the finest beans are sent to the Julius Meinl roasting plant. Gentle roasting develops exquisite and rich, fizzy flavours, with very fruity and citric notes. Best before date 12/22.

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    Julius Meinl The Originals Red Door Blend-whole beans 1kg

    Citrus, Spice, Milk Chocolate, Roasted Almond (Light roast)
    While working on this blend, we wanted to create a treat for coffee lovers, which displays a unique and modern character yet still has a balanced indulgent taste. Coffees from four origins are selected and carefully roasted till the first crack, so that the flavours all the origins can be fully expressed, to give it a refreshing fruity brightness with a hint of spice and a sweet aftertaste reminiscent of milk chocolate. Exp. 03/23

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