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Intensive coffee making workshop

Staff Training

Staff training is an intensive coffee making workshop that will provide you with the basic skills and confidence to work as a barista.

Your staff will be able to learn the basic theory of coffee making, origin of our coffee, different types of coffee which are commonly served in Australia.


The Barista training will provide your staff with information on how to extract and serve espresso coffee using a commercial coffee machine as well as storing of coffee and the cleaning and maintaining of our equipment.

Staff will have a lot of opportunities to practice making different types of coffee by using a commercial coffee machine. This workshop can help to fine tune your skills in making espresso coffee and will provide you with more in-depth skills and knowledge so that you can progress to the more complex aspects of espresso making.

The staff training will take you through all aspects of using a commercial espresso machine to make coffee. Whether it be a cappuccino, a latte, flat white or an espresso itself they all start off life from an espresso shot.

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Maximum performance and longevity

Coffee Machine Maintenance

It is essential for your commercial coffee machines to be carefully maintained, regulated and adjusted with the sole purpose of creating consistency in perfectly calibrated lattes, cappuccinos, ristretto or any other type of coffee; each and every time.


Producing great, high-quality coffee from your espresso machines is not just the art of trained baristas.

If you own an espresso machine and/or coffee grinder, regardless if it is for home or commercial use, ongoing maintenance is required throughout its working life. Just like any other machine, it will perform better, last longer and have less break downs if it is preserved properly and regularly.

JM Coffee offers an extensive list of professional maintenance services which will keep your equipment running better, for longer.

We are proud of our track record of not only providing the highest standard of installation, maintenance and repairs but also partnering with leading Australian and International espresso machine brands.

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