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The 1862 experience, created to ensure the same premium coffee taste in every single cup served.

1862 is a unique blend created with the UTZ sustainability certification, consisting of carefully selected, 100% Highland Arabica beans from the best coffee growing areas of Brazil and East Africa. The slow growth in the Highlands between 800 and 2,100 m and the longer ripening period of the cherry has a positive influence on the taste and the quality of the coffee cherry.

Complemented with a superior-quality concept it is designed for hotels, restaurants, cafés and other fine establishments that want to offer their guests a sensational coffee experience of the highest possible level. The striking design was created by the famous designer Matteo Thun making this concept an absolute eye-catcher for any location.

Unique taste

Time after time

Premium coffee

A revolutionary concept

1862 was a significant year for Viennese coffeehouse culture, when Julius Meinl I revolutionised the coffee market by offering, for the first time in history, ready-roasted coffee to his customers. Before that, customers purchased green beans and roasting was done at home on the stove, which often resulted in poor taste and quality. So, Julius Meinl I’s innovation represented a step change for the coffee industry.

With our 1862 Premium coffee, that revolutionary step gains significance and a whole new dimension. 1862 Premium is a quality concept for worldwide Coffee Service, offering the best and most extraordinary experience to all coffee lovers.

1862 Premium concept is built upon three main pillars namely unique coffee taste, unique technology and unique design.

Unique coffee taste

Roasting process

The unique taste results from the quality conscious selection and composition of top origins and a perfectly adapted roasting process form the basis of this exceptional coffee.

Roasting the beans gently to a medium-dark level allows the fine aromas and delicious rich taste to stay preserved for a unique enjoyment. The sweetness of this unique coffee results in a delicate and chocolaty taste.

Every bean has a



Unique Technology

Discover this unique blend of state-of-the-art technology, premium quality and modern design. It is a sensational coffee experience.

Thanks to the unique technology, the 1862 Premium is freshly ground for each cup ensuring that only the best quality coffee is served time after time.

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The “Grind on Demand” technology used for Julius Meinl 1862 Premium guarantees an individually freshly ground cup of coffee time after time. The Aroma Fez is airtight and seals the coffee bean from roasting to consumption, as it comes in a unique 3 x 1 kg unit for even longer-lasting freshness. Because only coffee that’s freshly ground keeps its full-bodied flavour.


The intelligent RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) supports the innovative quality of the entire 1862 Premium concept. The integrated RFID chip only allows the use of original 1862 Premium coffee thereby guaranteeing constant quality control.


The biggest innovation in the world of tampers, which ensures consistent and perfect tamping every time. Tamper evenly applies needed pressure and “talks” to coffee machine to make sure the process is complete.

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